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Giclees can be produced in a wide variety of sizes.  Once you have an idea of the size you desire and the giclee you select, I will be able to calculate your optimum size and give you a firm price quote.  Your giclee order will be printed just for you!

If you are uncertain about size, try this:  Put a yardstick or ruler against the wall where you plan to hang the piece and visualize the size of the frame you will want.  Send your frame width and height info and I will calculate the giclee size you will need for it.

For example:

Small generally fits a 12"x12" or 11"x14" frame.

Medium usually fits a 18"x18" or 16"x20" frame.

Large typically fits a 22"x22" or 20"x24" or larger frame.

Typical prices for giclees are:

Small:  $40

Medium: $70

Large: $95 and higher

Giclees take 3-5 days to create once your order is confirmed.

Shipping.  Most orders average $20 to ship.  The shipping cost is the same for one to three giclees shipped in the same mailing tube to the same address.  Shipping is limited to the U.S. only.

Sales Tax will be added for South Carolina shipping addresses.  The cost of shipments to other states will not include sales tax.

Complete and send the email quote form below.  Provide the name of the giclee(s), the approximate size of the frame(s) you plan to use for each, as well as your shipping address (City, State and Zip).

Thanks! Message sent.

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