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About Artist Judelle McArdle

Hi!  I'm Judelle McArdle but everyone calls me Judy.  You can reach me by email at

My life as a Watercolorist began after I retired.  I was 59 years old with no previous watercolor or art training except for a brief skirmish with acrylics 30 years earlier.

Serendipity was at its best.  My husband I were in Old Town Alexandria VA when we stopped in to look at the art in the Torpedo Factory.  I picked up a class brochure and began reading it as we drove home.  I laughed when I read the location (Provence, France) and said to my husband, "They think people will travel all the way to France to take watercolor lessons."

He said, "Why don't you go?"  After 28 years of running  my own fast-paced publishing business, I automatically replied, "I can't."  He asked, "Why?"  I couldn't come up with a reason .. in the past I always had to take care of my business.  I sputtered and eventually blurted out, "People just don't do that!"  He asked, "Why not?"

You've probably guessed by now that Provence, France was the venue for my first watercolor class.  I knew so little about watercolor and art in general that I didn't know enough to be intimidated.  I just bought the items on the supply list and packed my bags for the trip. 

I was hooked!  I spent the next 16 years taking watercolor workshop after workshop.  What a journey it has been!

2017 marked the year that reproductions of some of my watercolor paintings became available for sale via limited editions of giclees.  I'm pleased to share them with you on 

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